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It takes a village: Rheumatology trainees require multiple mentors, commitment

From the latter stages of medical school to the precarious steps involved in carving out a subspecialty, and throughout the turbulent transitions experienced by young physicia... Continue Reading

Copay Accumulator and Maximizer Update: Adoption Plateaus as Insurers Battle Patients Over Copay Support

Is the gold rush in copay accumulators and maximizers slowing down? Our latest update finds that for 2022, about 40% of commercial lives have adopted these benefit designs. Ac... Continue Reading

Robert Levin: State lawmakers should put patients first, stop predatory pharmacy middlemen

For years, PBMs had an unrestricted license to manipulate the health care system. Wouldn’t it be nice if, after your doctor prescribed a particular medication, you could sim... Continue Reading

Governor DeSantis proposes tighter controls on pharmacy benefit managers

Simply going to the local drug store to pick up a prescription used to be a pretty simple exercise. But that purchase has become ever more complicated. Now Governor DeSantis w... Continue Reading

Governor signs bill mandating more opt-out information on step therapy programs

The bill becomes law July 1. Managed care plans and insurance companies will soon have to provide customers with more information about step therapy programs, including how to... Continue Reading

Anifrolumab Increases Odds of Earlier, Sustained Low Disease Activity vs Placebo in Lupus

Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus receiving anifrolumab are more likely to achieve earlier, more frequent and longer low disease activity, compared with those taking ... Continue Reading

Telemedicine Usage Remains High Among Rheumatologists

There was an explosion in the use of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic, but usage has stabilized and varies between specialties. However, telemedicine use is still som... Continue Reading

FDA Approves Abaloparatide to Treat Men with Osteoporosis & High Risk of Fracture

This latest FDA approval was based on findings of a 12-month, safety and efficacy study of subcutaneous abaloparatide in men with osteoporosis. The multicenter, phase 3 study ... Continue Reading