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Downcoding Update: FCSO Billing News Shares Technical Direction Letter Made Public by CMS

Downcoding Update: FCSO Billing News Shares Technical Direction Letter Made Public by CMS... Continue Reading

Congress Can Fix the Broken PBM Industry

Congress is in the process of negotiating a set of bipartisan health policies, including pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) reform. ... Continue Reading

Unshackling Drug Prices From Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Dr. Robert Levin, President of the Alliance for Transparent and Affordable Prescriptions (ATAP) and Florida Society of Rheumatology (FSR) Advocacy Chair – “It’s time for... Continue Reading

The ‘great American switching experiment’: Cyltezo debut ushers in interchangeable era

Robert W. Levin, MD – “Patients are going to go to the pharmacy to get an injectable, and suddenly they are presented with a different device or syringe,” he said. “Th... Continue Reading

FSR Advocates Help Lead Charge to Support Florida’s Rheumatology Community

Session in Tallahassee is coming to a close, but FSR's advocates have been busy working to support rheumatology friendly policies. FSR advocates sent 245 letters of support to... Continue Reading

Florida’s Rheumatology Leaders Assemble in Tallahassee to Educate State Legislators

FSR hosted a record number of advocates representing a variety of districts across the state. While there are several legislative issues impacting the rheumatology community, ... Continue Reading

Pharmacy benefit manager reform will increase transparency, access | Commentary

Six in 10 adults report currently taking at least one prescription medication and see their pharmacist twice as often as any other health-care provider. Despite the pivotal ro... Continue Reading

Will Medicare stand in the way of innovative rheumatoid arthritis treatment? | Column

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects millions of Americans, causing pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints. If left inadequately treated, rheumatoid... Continue Reading