Welcome to the Florida Society of Rheumatology Advocacy Center. Here you’ll find information about the issues affecting Rheumatology (Accumulator Adjustment Programs, Non-Medical Switching, Step Therapy, and Uniform Prior Authorization) in the Florida State Legislature. We aim to provide education for the practicing rheumatologist, the practicing physician in other specialties, paramedical personnel, the patients themselves, and the community.

The Florida Society of Rheumatology continues to take an active interest in the economic side of medicine, since how well the patient can afford the care and treatment he/she needs for his/her chronic disease depends, in most instances, upon how well educated third party payers are to the fact that there are various treatments for these conditions now and to the fact that considerable time and effort is involved. As you browse through our advocacy center, you will also come upon our Action Center. Here, you have the capability to directly contact local legislators and urge them to support our causes. We encourage all Florida Society of Rheumatology members and visitors to the site to enjoy the resources provided, as well as the upcoming advocacy events.

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