FSRPAC - Florida's Voice for Rheumatology

Every day, health care policy decisions take place in Tallahassee that directly impact how patient care is provided throughout the great state of Florida. At FSRPAC, we believe we have a responsibility as advocates to tirelessly work towards the goal of increasing patients’ safety and well-being. Our organization raises money to influence change and spread awareness for Florida’s top rheumatology issues.

With the help of your contributions, we are able to support like-minded and active organizations, as well as legislative champions who can speak out and bring actual legislative change to the state regarding the following issues:

  • Reforming Step Therapy Protocols
  • Protecting Patients from Accumulator Adjustment Programs (AAPs)
  • Preventing the Unwanted Switching of Health Plans for Non-Medical Reasons
  • Implementing a Uniform Prior Authorization Form for All Insurers

The FSRPAC and grassroots efforts statewide forge a truly significant influence in the direction of Florida’s health policies. It is important to remember that advocacy at the state level is the most effective and influential form of political action. In today’s unprecedented health care climate, we frequently see insurance plans and pharmacy benefit managers basing health plans on cost and profit, rather than working to secure the best and most affordable care for Florida’s patients. Here, at FSRPAC, we encourage you to join our colleagues statewide in an effort to secure a safe and affordable health care system for the state of Florida and its patients.

Thank you in advance for your vital support. With contributions like yours, FSRPAC can directly impact Florida’s health care system and the lives of Florida’s patients for the better. If you have any questions pertaining to contributions, you can email fsr@fsrmd.org at any time.

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Please note that political contributions are not tax-deductible.